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Tom Font 

 Graphic Designer & Artist 
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About me 

My name is Tommy, I am 3rd year graphic design student in Technological University of Shannon Athlone. The route to design has not been straightforward. I’m a former candle-maker and chef. I still chef part-time to fund my college education and young family. 


 I am a creative problem solver. Making and doing is an important part of my design process. It is what gives me my passion and drive. I also analyze a lot; my greying head is full of deep thoughts. Sometimes I just need to retreat into myself, despite appearing extrovert. I am a double-sided sword. I take things seriously, but I can always see the lighter side too. 


At the minute I am trying to find my design niche. I love Geometry, branding and logo design. I am very experimental as a designer, and I love the artistic side of design. Design isn’t work, it’s more like an outlet for my craziness.  

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